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SEO Services tailored to your business needs

Edinburgh SEO Services without long-term contracts

SEO Marketing is a long-term strategy. However, we believe in a pay as you progress culture. The last thing your needs is to be bound to along-term contract with a company you have not built a relationship yet and you do not fully trust. To take that stress away, we offer a monthly SEO services so that we can build a trustworthy relationship before you have to anticipate to long-term commitments.

How does SEO marketing benefit your business?

Get More Website Visits

Rank your website higher on Google search results and get more customers to visit your website. According to Google 80% of searchers tend to click within the first eight websites. So, what are you waiting for? Start the process to get your website into the first eight today.

Get More Conversions

With the right content strategy, the website experience is smoother and will transform visitors into customers. By using the right story telling techniques and call to actions, we make sure that your conversion rate increases.

Our SEO Services Process

Step 0: Main Set-Up

Before we start optimizing your website, we need to make sure that we set up the right tracking tools so that we can monitor website traffic and Google position tracking.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Our SEO marketing strategy starts with keyword research. In this step we identify all the right keywords for your business products/services, as well as, their popularity, competition and other key metrics to eventually conclude to which keywords your business should rank for.

Step 2: Content Optimization

After having a clear keyword strategy, we then go ahead and optimize your website's content, to make it easier for Google to understand what your content is about. In this step, we also make sure you have the right call to actions, in order to attract more conversions from your website traffic.

Step 3: Website Optimization

Another SEO factor that Google bases their ranking algorithm is your website speed and other technical matters that which will increase your website's ranking. We make sure we decrease your website's loading speed and fix any technical issues that might cause website errors.

Step 4: Directory Listings

We then make sure to sign your business into online directory listings. When you have directory listings pointing back to your website it increases Google ranking.

Step 5: Backlinks

The final step is to create valuable backlinks. As we said previously, Google will increase your website ranking if you have other websites pointing back to yours. That being said, we create valuable blog content and promote it on authoritative websites.

SEO Services tailored to your business needs

We can adjust our SEO marketing process to your business needs. For example, your website has solid content but lacks authority. We can then adjust our SEO services and only offer you what your business needs which is citations and backlinks to increase your website’s authority. Or maybe, you have enough backlinks and citations, but need to optimize your website content to get higher Google rankings. Or your competition level is too low, so the only think your website needs is decent content to rank for the right keywords. Our SEO Services are flexible and always customer-focused in order to offer best results possible!

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